Noo Brands operates the Nootro Group fulfilment facility in Pershore. 


All D2C and B2B fulfilment activities are centralised using our Order and Warehouse Management System. Utilising digital order management, we synchronise stock and pricing across all sales channels automatically. This enables us to streamline operations, improving order turnaround time and reducing costs.


• D2C & B2B Fulfilment

• 24/7 Onsite security systems

• Digital stock and pick system

• Monthly stock takes

• Same-day dispatch


To ensure we have the strongest and most flexible business model possible, we are expanding our distribution capabilities. This will allow us to take advantage of a larger range of raw materials and products, as well as give our customers an opportunity to reach a wider audience.

By offering an expanded range of products, we are in a prime position to service our clients with more sales opportunities. This helps them grow and expand their own businesses further.


Up to 35,000 100ml bottles a day

Up to 8,000 units of powder capsules a day (30 pcs per pot)

8,000 Carts PER DAY

5,000 Topicals per day (depending on size)


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